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Anti Snoring Device

Did you know studies have shown that approximately 40% of the population of industrialized countries snore?

Snoring has an immense impact on the health and quality of life for the snorer, partners and family. The lack of sleep caused by snoring has a wide reaching effect.

What is snoring?

Snoring is caused by a partial closure of your airway during sleep, due to a relaxation of the muscles in your neck. The soft tissue then vibrates to cause the sound of snoring.

How can we help?

The Anti-snoring Device is a removable appliance worn at night and is designed for non-invasive treatment of snoring. It gently moves your lower jaw forward to stretch the soft tissue; this allows a less restricted airflow and reduces the vibration resulting in a Deeper, More Restful Sleep.

About the Appliance

  • Made to measure oral device, manufactured from a dental impression taken at the clinic.
  • It is a thin mouthguard-like appliance worn over the teeth at night
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • Portable


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