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Types of Dentures

Standard Dentures

The Cowplain Dental Practice is able to offer a standard range of dentures. These are constructed from high quality materials and natural looking teeth and are ideal for replacement and second sets.

If you are happy with your current dentures we are able to make new ‘copy’ sets.

Premium "Natural Look" Dentures

When choosing our premium level service your new dentures will be constructed to look as natural as possible. Your jaw position and lip support will be assessed and with the guidance of your clinical technician the position of your teeth will be determined. From using an old photo of your teeth or giving you a completely new smile you will be in full control of your appearance . The highest quality teeth and denture base materials will be used in conjunction with full natural contouring and colouring of the gums. 

Chrome Dentures

If your acrylic dentures fracture or you require a partial denture then chrome could be the perfect answer. They are stronger and thinner then acrylic and can be designed to cover less of your oral tissue ‘gum’. Your clinical dental technician can discuss and advise you about the different options available.



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If you would like to attend the Dedicated Denture Service and discuss your options with Graham, simply call us on 023 9225 2003 and we will be delighted to arrange an appointment for you.

If you would like details of our fees, please look at our Dedicated Dentures Service Fees page.